African-Centered Marxism
Allism - 21st Century Marxism Theory


Allism or Allist Theory, is today's Marxism, 21st Century Marxist Theory. 

Dr. Alli Muhammad MD like Chairman Mao Tsung, has developed a brand of Marxism that meets the needs of a people who are culturally, racially and ethnically oppressed. Dr. Muhammad has empirically developed Allism, as an African centered Marxist theory for people of African descent, to update the Marxism struggle geared more towards people of African descent. 

According to Dr. Muhammad;

"A major problem the scientific socialist, revolutionary socialist, pure communist, Marxist-Leninist world has, is a great majority of Marxism to respect the identity struggle of people of African descent. There is a great contradiction, when the late great Chairman Mao Tsung, could create a cultural, ethnic, Chinese identity brand of Marxism and the world embraces it.

However, Black people have to tip-toe, bite their tongue and not even imagine a scientific form of Marxism geared towards our oppression and culture.

Then an internal major problem many of us have, as people of African descent, is colonialism, slavery and oppression has made us so quick to deny our own autonomy, but we can accept anyone being a power over us, except for ourselves, i.e. we can solely embrace Karl Marx, Vldaimir Lenin, Frederich Engles, Chair Mao Tsung etc., all of whom were great men, don't get me wrong, I and the RBPP we appreciate their contribution to the scientific socialist movement. However, the struggle for people of African descent, is unique, and it is unavoidably cultural, ethnic and a racialized identity based struggle.

And our failure to recognize this has made us fail, and become stagnant. We could promote and sell a "RED BOOK" with Chinese Identity Struggle, Chinese-centered Marxism, Maosim,  but will deny our very own Black Identity Struggle and an African-Centered Marxism.

However, I have scientifically updated the Marxist struggle and scientifically put forth an African centered Marxism. Because of this reality, we stay locked in our condition, not matter the system we embraced, whether it is capitalism or socialism. However, the greatest examples we have seen where scientific socialism and communism works for a people, it is one surrounded by the people's culture, ethnicity or race of those oppressed people, like Chairman Mao.

The same way Mao was respected for his Chinese centered Marxism; Maoism and Maoist theory, we deserve the same respect, as African-Centered Marxist, with Allism, Allist Theory. Scientific African centered Marxism...".