Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the  greatest revolutionaries of our times. He brought about equal social rights for Black people in America.

‚ÄčAnd changed the oppressive conditions of Black people in America, and exposed the ongoing confederate politics that existed in America, which aims were to keep Black people in genocide and to maintain a slave like condition, he desegregated hotels, department stores, restaurants, lunch counters and cities, and brought about real change.

However, he then began to realize that the struggle was more than just civil rights, and equal rights. That what good was it to be able to shop where you wanted, stay or lodge where you wanted, and eat where you wanted, and be where you wanted if you could not afford it.

He then realized that the problem was more than just these civil and equal rights, that it was HUMAN RIGHTS, and that poverty was a crime, that being poor was a crime, and that it was the duty of the country to end poverty.

He then sparked what he coined "The Poor People's Campaign" this POOR PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE, would take the movement to the next level, he stated that the same method he used to integrate lunch counters, will now be used to end poverty in America, i.e. to give Black people reparations and to provide  total economic justice for all poor people in America. He was then assassinated. 

The RBPP, is relaunching Dr. King's initiative, the Poor People's Campaign, as The Armed Poor People's Initiative, we would've used the name Poor People's Campaign but there's another organization that started using the name. So we are indeed of DR. KING'S campaign, a new Poor People's Campaign, a new poor people's initiative coined The Armed Poor People's Initiative. Wherein Dr. King was not, armed, we are, we will take up his mantle, armed and we will not complete it, until the goal or reparations for Black people and the eradication of poverty for all people in the United States of America is fulfilled.