The RBPP's commitment to justice, stands on
Human Rights which is an undomesticatedproductive approach to Black Rights and justice!

The Revolutionary Black Panther Party

Fighting Against Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Crimes Against Humanity, Racial Warfare/War Waged Against Black People (People of African Descent in America)

The RBPP is committed to the Human Rights of Black People, and are the authors of the Black Human Rights Movement, are authors of the Armed Black Human Rights Movement and Armed Freedom Rides, lawfully going throughout the country with People's Tribunals assuring the Human Rights of Black people. Who are victims of genocide, terror, extremism, human rights violations and overall crimes against humanity. From slavery to 1866, to the 1960s & 1970s etc., the struggle for Black rights has been "domesticated" to "Civil Rights". However we have elevated the struggle to Human Rights, as authors of the Armed Black Human Rights Movement, The Black Human Rights Movement and Armed Black Freedom Rides. Coming to a city and state near you for the Freedom & Rights of all oppressed people.

THE SELECT FEW - The Dignified, The Revolutionary Black Panther Party


         RBPP Diligence
We will support and defend any  victims and survivors of white supremacist oriented injustice, crimes against humanity, ethnic, cleansing or genocide of all Black People (People of African Descent), living in America, "By Any Means Necessary" (BAMN).

    RBPP Field Operations
The RBPP is committed to the people. We go out in the field and aid our people in their struggle for recognition and human rights.

      RBPP Ministry of Justice
Our Ministry of Justice assures that the Human Rights and all other "RIGHTS" of Black people are protected at all times. Contact us if you need our support or help. Black Power! 

The  RBPP was never designed to be a short-term Revolutionary commitment, it's a life-long journey. From its humble beginnings in 1960s, the Black Panther Party,  in the shadows of Black Power, the  "Real Radical Ones,"  "Revolutionary Mau-Mau" to its rise above the shadows. I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with the most passionately driven activist on the globe.  "If I could choose no name for my group I would,... [however, having been raised a Panther Cub by productive, activist Black Panther Parents of the dynamic 1960s & 70s BPP], ...  there is no better name, nor legacy, ...than the Black Panther Party, founded by Dr. Kwame Ture, then re-popularized by Defense Minister Dr. Huey P. Newton, PhD and his Chairman Bobby Seale who were Black political Urban Activist here in America... The RBPP is that party, now updated...the RBPP is the continuity of the BPP of the 1960s & 1970s just in 21st century struggle...."
​- Dr. Alli Muhammad (excerpts From) the RBPP MANUAL

​           Dr. Alli Muhammad, M.S., PhD, MD &  CGIC-RBPP

Founder of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party (RBPP)

"As long as there are political prisoners and Black people are oppressed, the struggle for Black liberation, continues. The Black Panther Party continues, because Black people, are still in need of liberation, those who are "dead" consciously, politically, courageously and have given up on "life", proclaim its over.  However, there can be no victory without liberation, and without the freedom of political prisoners, prisoners of war and those in exile the struggle continues, Aluta Continua. RBPP the continuity! "  
 ― Dr. Alli Muhammad MD

​“If you stop struggling, then you stop life.” 
― Dr. Huey P. Newton PhD

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The Revolutionary Black Panther Party RBPP @ 2017

Black Power Every Hour


    RBPP Black Special Forces Combat System
Ki'Afrika Ya Kila Tutakinga (Tutakinga). Is a Black-Racial Self-defense system created for the decedants of slaves i.e. people of African descent in America & the dispora. It is the RBPP corp combat system. 
​Dr. Alli Muhammad & the Ministry of Defense, work hard to make sure that the community is protected and that Black people are trained to lawfully defend themselves, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

Black people (people of African descent) in America are victims of genocide; every 28 hours in this country, a Black person is murdered in this country by criminal officers AND agents of the state known as law enforcement. We are not suggesting all "police" are criminals but we are speaking of the criminals who hide behind their badges and commit mass-terror, genocide and crimes against people of African descent in America.

The Revolutionary Black Panther Party, stands up against the genocide of Black-African people, standing armed for the humanity of Black people and fighting against terrorism and genocide. 

Today many use terms to describe this struggle,  such as first, last, old, original such terms are offensive because we still have political prisoners whose lives are still focused in the 21st century as it was in the 1960s and overall 20th century. Yes of course we (RBPP) are the original Black Panther Party, the original revolutionary Black Panther Party, however, there is truly no such thing as original or old, because the Black Panther Party is ageless, until all our political prisoners are free we will exist. And we will remain, no former strifes, clicks, struggles, feuds inspired by division and COINTELPRO can stop us.
"The RBPP patterns itself as the Party of action, proactivity and results, instead of rhetoric, rabble-rousing and sensationalism. The base of these results come from life experience and tenure. Growing up a Panther cub, action is second nature, there are things engrained in you, that you can never get out of you, and it matures you, it is difficult to erase this maturity and as a fully grown panther, it lives on in the Revolution, in the Revolutionary Black Panther Party. And just because you hear the words revolution, do not confuse it, we are against terrorism, extremism and violence and crime.

We are anti-terrorist, we against extremism and violence on all fronts, we do take a position of self-defense, but as victims of the worst terrorist attack in history, the Black African Holocaust, we could never support or engage in terrorism of any shape or form, and we are against all forms of terrorism and extremism, and standup for the human rights of Black African people."

Dr. Alli Muhammad MS, PhD, MD, The Chief-General-In-Command of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party (CGIC-RBPP)

The Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing & All Of These Human Rights Violations & Crimes Against Humanity Waged Against Black People Must End!